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Shinjuku’s Largest Underground Shopping and Dining Area ‘Shinjuku Subnade’

Shinjuku's Massive Underground Shopping ArcadeIn Japan's urban areas, you'll find numerous underground shopping dist…

Collect Shrine Stamps (Goshuin御朱印) at Sacred Shrines-Create Special Memories in Japan!

Smoking-Friendly Dining Venues

Smoking-permitted dining establishments around Shinjuku Station!


‘Kimono rental VASARA’-Let’s walk around the city with Kimono!


Exploring the Fascinating World of Shinjuku Kitamura Camera Store: A Haven for Photography Enthusiasts

‘Tokyo Business Hotel’ Hotel with large public bath in Shinjuku Idai-dori


‘Tokyo Business Hotel’ Hotel with large public bath in Shinjuku Idai-dori

Tokyo Business Hotel is a hotel which is along "Idai-Dori". It is located on 6 minutes walking distance from Shinjuku Sa…

Apa Hotel Gyoen-Mae

Hotel Tateshina

Apa Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho Higashi

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Furnished Mansion ‘Gala Stage Gotanda Type A2, B1, C1’

◆It is located 6 min away from JR /Toei/Tokyu Gotanda station.◆Great access to Shibuya / Shinagawa for 7 min, Shinjuku…

Furnished Apartment ‘S…

Furnished Apartment ‘S…

Furnished Mansion ‘Roy…

Furnished Mansion ‘Sky…

Foreigner-friendly spots

Shinjuku Sightseeing Spot

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Experience Report: VR ZONE S…

Hello! I am Lee, the Chinese editor in-charge of YOKOSO Shinjuku♪Today I would like to introduce…

  1. hanazono shrine

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Furnished Apartment

  1. J&F house

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Urban Oasis ‘Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden’

The city's oasis "Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)" is a popu…

Emergency Telephone Number in Japan

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