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We daily walk around Shinjuku and collect various information.


Japanes, English, Chinese language『YOKOSO SHINJUKU』Staff

Mami Matsuo

Hello! It’s me, Chief Editor Mami Matsuo. I was born in Tokyo. My hobbies are travelling, hot springs, yoga, eating exquisite foods and exploring exciting new places♪ I also frequently take part in the Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine grand festival carrying the Mikoshi. It was in Shinjuku that I often went out with my friends and this has happened since I was a young child. Back then I would always visit the Shinjuku department store with my mother. My current day office is also located in the same area, since a long time. That is why I love the town of Shinjuku! It is very much where I have grown up and it is a part of Tokyo I know very well.I will try my best to introduce you the charm of such place, known as Shinjuku!

Reigyoku Lee

Nihau! It’s Reigyoku Lee from China! I am the in-charge of Chinese edition of YOKOSO Shinjuku. Since I came to Japan, Shinjuku is the city where I have lived for much of my time here. Shinjuku is an interesting town, which shows it’s self always as a modern and energetic place. I would like to give you more information on Shinjuku and from now on I will be posting a lot of pictures and articles, so please look forward to whats to come!

Sunita Waiba

Hello, Everyone! My name is Sunita and I am the in-charge of English edition. I am from Nepal. When I came to Japan, I was living in the Gifu Prefecture. After graduating at Japanese language school, I decided to enter a vocational school and that’s when I moved to Tokyo. When I came to Tokyo, my first job placement was Shinjuku. Shinjuku is a city that never sleeps and always bright even at night. So, I would like to introduce you to some much more information that is overflowing from this town, known as Shinjuku. I hope this will help you to discover the charm of Shinjuku. Thank-you!


Hi, my name is Hafed, I am a British Architect living in London. I help Yokoso Shinjuku by proofreading and supporting them with English sentence corrections. I have a large interest in Japanese culture and it is my dream to live Japan. I hope to visit again soon.

Kyoko Fukuda

My name is Kyoko Fukuda and I am a writer of the Japanese edition. Since I was in college, I have been visiting Shinjuku with my friends. My work place office is also located in this town. For shopping, I mostly visit Shinjuku. Looking back, I cannot tell my life story without introducing Shinjuku. It is the attraction of the town that brings me here, where there are several types of restaurants and many varieties of shops. I would be pleased if I can help discover more depth to Shinjuku. By the way, the one I like the most is Shinjuku 3-chome. Thank-you!

Chunji Kyo

My name is Kyo Chunji and I am also the in-charge of Chinese edition. It has been nearly 30years since I came to Japan. When I was in China I saw a Japanese movie called “Kimi yo Funnu no Kawa o Watare” and I longed since then to visit Shinjuku. It is now 3years since I opened a Tokyo Chinese Language School in Shinjuku. Shinjuku is always crowded with many foreigners and is a consistently a very lively place. Shinjuku is a powerful source for me and so I would like to share my experience and knowledge of Shinjuku with everyone.

Mihoko Mori

It’s me Mihoko Mori, I am incharge for the illustration side of YOKOSO Shinjuku. During high school, I was inspired by Shinjuku, especially West Shinjuku, which was my place of learning. West Shinjuku is a music area where you can find many rare record shops. The city of Shinjuku is the crucible of culture. Shinjuku is the best place for both hanging out and learning even! It is a city where you can meet various people. If you get tired of the crowd, then you can go to the 5-6 chome area of Shinjuku! It is such great place!

In additional, our other production/translation staff are also doing their best.