1. Furnished Apartment ‘Stage Nishi-Shinjuku 203’

    ◆ 10 min. walk to Shinjuku Station.◆Close to supermarket, pharmacy, Cafe, restaurant and etc. Features of Prop…

  2. Furnished Apartment ‘Sky-Court Yotsuya Type B 802’

    ◆It is positioned 5 min walk from JR Yotsuya stati…

  3. Furnished Apartment ‘Sky Court Nouvelle Ikebukuro Type-A 901’

    ◆Sky Court Nouvelle Ikebukuro is furnished studio …

  4. Furnished Mansion ‘Gala Stage Gotanda Type A2, B1, C1’

    ◆It is located 6 min away from JR /Toei/Tokyu Gota…

  5. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Hamamatsucho Ichibankan Type A 1002’

    ◆It is located on 6 min walk from Toei Daimon stat…

  6. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Vida Gotanda WEST Type A, B, C’

  7. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Yoyogi Type A, B, C’

  8. Furnished Apartment ‘Concier Okubo Type-A 206’

  9. Furnished Mansion ‘Mast Life Meguro Minami Type A, B, C’

  10. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky-Court Hatsudai Type-A 801, Type-B 802’

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