Shinjuku Accommodation

  1. Furnished Apartment ‘City Gyoen Building B 302’

    ◆It is a place convenient for shopping, commuting and eating out◆In this town, there is a park called "Shinjuku Gyoen…

  2. Furnished Mansion ‘Gala Stage Gotanda 204’

    ◆Gotanda (五反田) is a busy district in the Shinagawa…

  3. High grade rental with fine-grained service “TSI Shinjuku Tower Mansion”

    "TSI Shinjuku Tower" rose up in Nishi Shinjuku on …

  4. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky-Court Hatsudai 903’

    ◆Hatsudai is the closest station to Opera City Tow…

  5. Furnished Apartment (Share Office) ‘Elpulimento Shinjuku’

    【Features of Property】★ It is a fashionable reno…

  6. General Apartment ‘Prime Maison Otsuka’

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  9. “INBOUND LEAGUE” Service office for Rent!!

  10. Guide to Live in Shinjuku