GourmetIzakaya (Japanese / Western Pub)

  1. Tuna cuisine specialty shop ‘Urikire gomen! Mainichi kaitai maguro shoten’

    Urikire gomen! Mainichi kaitai maguro shoten is a Tuna cuisine specialty shop where you can enjoy the Tuna, selected fro…

  2. Authentic Korean food with delicious samgyeopsal – Kintatsurai Shinokubo

    "Kintatsurai" is an authentic Korean restaurant in…

  3. Cheap and delicious Izakaya in Suehiro Dori – ‘Yakitori Sakagura Shosuke Main branch’

    "Yakitori Sakagura Shosuke" is a Izakaya (Japanese…

  4. Enjoy drink and dance with traditional Okinawan folk music live! – ‘Okinawa Cuisine Kariyushi’

    This is an introduction to the Okinawa Restaurant …

  5. Delicious okonomiyaki at the Shinjuku east exit for lunch – ‘Shinjuku Kotegaeshi’

    Shinjuku Kotegaeshi (新宿こてがえし) is a restaurant deco…

  6. A long-established dinning bar in Shinjuku – ‘Donzoko’

  7. A place where you can enjoy Goto Islands taste while being in Shinjuku – ‘Gotojin Nishi-Shinjuku branch’

  8. Fusion of Event, food, culture cafe – ‘Sanagi Shinjuku’

  9. Let’s enjoy cuisine with authentic soup stock at ‘Dashi Shabu Abanzai Okaka Shinjuku’

  10. A place where you can feel like a Kyoto while are in Shinjuku – ‘Kyomachi Koishigure Shinjuku’

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