GourmetIzakaya (Japanese / Western Pub)

  1. Best place for Nihonshu lover ‘Sumibi yakitori washokudokoro Sasuke’

    Sumibi yakitori washokudokoro Sasuke (炭火やきとり 和食処 沙介) is located on the 3rd floor of the building on the back of the Shin…

  2. Shabu-Shabu specialty restaurant ‘Merino’

    Shabu-Shabu specialty restaurant “Merino (しゃぶしゃぶ専門…

  3. Izakaya with the atmosphere of Sengoku period ‘Ranse no Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden’

    Sengoku Buyuden (乱世の個室 戦国武勇伝) is a one only Japane…

  4. Cheap and Tasty! Familiar ‘Kushikatsu-Tanaka Shinjuku Sanchome’

    Kushikatsu Tanaka (串カツ田中) is a restaurant that wil…

  5. A Japanese pub where you can taste a delicious fish and vegetables – ‘Karami Dokoro Syo’

    Karami Dokoro Syo (から味処 粧) is a Japanese pub locat…

  6. Delicious okonomiyaki at the Shinjuku east exit for lunch – ‘Shinjuku Kotegaeshi’

  7. A place where you can enjoy nostalgic Japanese sweets, snacks – ‘Shinjuku Dagashiya Bar’

  8. A stylish dining made with the concept of the near future space station ‘MYSTERIOUS Shinjuku’

  9. A place where you can enjoy thrill experience while eating! ‘The Lockup Restaurant’

  10. Cheap and delicious! Izakaya popular among young people ‘Donjyaka Dora’

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