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  1. Want to stay at 3000 yen range in Shinjuku!? – ‘8 unique and cheap Lodging Spots’

    Here we have picked up 8 unique and cheap lodging spots such as capsule hotel, book cafe, net cafe and hostel. These are…

  2. Let’s enjoy at the roof garden after shopping! Isetan roof – ‘I-Garden’

    There is a spacious lawn on the roof of Isetan, an…

  3. How to Pray at a Japanese Shinto Shrine

    The process of purification before a shrine happen…

  4. Restaurant, popular amongst the foreign tourists ‘Robot Restaurant’

    It is a restaurant where gigantic robots and acrob…

  5. Terrace Cafe Bonjour, from where you can see powerful Godzilla head by nearby

    Bonjour (カフェテラス・ボンジュール) is Terrace cafe located on…

  6. A place where you can enjoy thrill experiences while eating! – ‘The Lockup Restaurant’

  7. Emergency Telephone Number in Japan

  8. 8 Best Bubble Tea shops in Shinjuku Area

  9. Authentic Italian bar/restaurant with both standing and seated sections – ‘IL Bacaro’

  10. A new flavor appears in the cheesecake drinks of ‘CheeseTable’

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8 Free photo spot around Shinjuku for your SNS ! 8 Best Bubble Tea shops in Shinjuku Area Coin Locker in Shinjuku Area! Area where Islamic shops gather in the vicinity of Shin-Okubo Station – ‘Islamic Yokocho’ Get transportation, gourmet and sightseeing information at ‘Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal’. Central Honshu Information Plaza


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