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YOKOSO Shinjuku is offering Free Mini-Guided (Walking) around Tokyo’s commercial and administrative centre, Shinjuku district. Volunteers will help you explore this area mostly around Shinjuku East Exit where our head office is located.

Volunteers will refer to people as “guests” rather than a customer, providing you with an exciting perspective on one of Tokyo’s major stops and largest entertainment, business and shopping districts.

We are not professional guides; however, we do love to share our excitement for this part of the city. We have also been based in Shinjuku a long-time and have become very familiar with variety and range of restaurants, shopping malls and popular amusement spots, which we are sure you will enjoy. We intend to help you to get around and make the most of your time. We hope you have a great time in Japan!

Volunteer Guide Schedule

shinjuku-free-guide1Hanazono Shrine → Golden Gai → Kabukicho → Omoide Yokocho (or Oiwakedango along yasukuni-fori or Marui rooftop garden) → Dismissal at your favorite place♪

Monday to Friday / Once a week
From 11:00 or From 16:00 (around 1 hours Walking Guide)
*We can’t accept the tour when our office work is busy.

■ Only single groups of women, couples and females can participate in a tour.
■ We cannot provide this tour for single males only.
(We will consider several male groups only if there has been an introduction from past participants).
■ Submit your request at least two weeks prior to the requested tour date.



Hanazono Shrine

Since ancient times, Hanazono shrine is enshrined as the guardian god of the town of Shinjuku. The way of counting God is called “Hashira” and there are three kinds of hashira in Hanazono Shrine.





There is an area in the narrow alley between Hanazono Shrine and Shinjuku promenade, where small counter snack / bars are gathered.
This area is called Golden Street.





Kabukicho is a place that was named “The city that never sleeps”. It is one of the best entertainment streets that even bright in the midnight with neon.



After Kabukicho, you can also enjoy the sweets at “Oiwakedango” (rice dumpling) and “Taiyaki” (Fish shaped cake with filling inside) shops by walking along the shopping street of Yasukuni-dori or you can also walk towards “Omoide Yokocho” or can also rest at “Hanazono Manjyu” cafe.


Other requests, such as shopping and entertainment spots about 1 hours at Shinjuku east exit, as well as accompanying requests will be accepted.

Policies and Terms of use

In order to participate, please carefully read the following Policies and Terms of use, to understand our policy and comply with it.
The guide always goes in pairs. We are a volunteer so when our office work is busy and sometimes tours are not available.

1. The cost is free because it is organised for the purposes of our guests so that they can enjoy the Shinjuku Area.

2. For each guide, the number of guests is limited to 4 people.

3. The guide is available in English, Chinese, Korean and Nepalese languages.

4. If there is a desire for guests to go to the Sushi Shops, Japanese Pubs, Restaurants, etc., it is also possible to introduce you to other shops that you hope to visit.

5. If the guide staff is accompanied by a request from the guest for a meal or tea, the charge for that staff member should also be beared by a guest.

6. Shinjuku Free Walking Tour and its guides are not responsible for any damage, injury, theft, or loss of valuables suffered by the guest during the volunteers sightseeing tour. Please be aware that these come at your own risk.

7. Because it is a volunteer orientated guided tour organised during intervals of their job on the weekend, we may refuse the guide if we are busy with work or if we judge it as unreasonable for some reason.

8. If the guide feels uncomfortable due to the following acts received from the guest, we will terminate the guide service at any time during the tour.
・Intoxication and illicit behavior
・Request involving in sexual tourism
・Changing significant time and course on the day
・Request for guidance to sex industry such as customs relations

Please carefully read the Policies and Terms of use, to understand our policy and comply with it.

Be sure to write your name, residence, nationality, number of participants, their age and relationships in the inquiry form below and send it.

To those who participated in our “Shinjuku Free Walking Tour”, we ask for your cooperation with a survey for future reference.
■ For Questionnaire content please, CLICK HERE

Guide Staff

Mami Matsuo
Japanese/English language In-charge

If you want to know more about our staffs, please CHECK staff’s profile page.

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