1. Authentic Korean food with delicious samgyeopsal – Kintatsurai Shinokubo

    "Kintatsurai" is an authentic Korean restaurant in Shin-okubo, where you can enjoy fresh samgyeopsal (Korean barbecue).…

  2. A place where you can enjoy healthy lamb – Lamb Yakiniku speciality shop ‘Lamb ne’

    Lamb Yakiniku speciality shop ‘Lamb ne’ has been o…

  3. Indian, Nepalese home-made cuisine ‘SANSAR’

    Sansar (サンサール) is a Nepalese restaurant located ne…

  4. A popular cafe among women and couples – ‘Coto Cafe’

    Coto cafe, popular among women and couples, is loc…

  5. A hidden healing spot in Yoyogi – ‘Cafe Lumba Lumba’

    Cafe Lumba Lumba is a cafe that roasts coffee from…

  6. Thai Cuisine ‘Bangkok Stall KHAOSAN’

  7. Dinning with Modern Asian concept ‘GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese’

  8. Restaurant famous for its Peking duck – ‘CHINESE CAFE EIGHT’

  9. Asian Dinning Bar ‘NEPAL HONPO’

  10. Japan’s first Japanese Tea Milk Tea specialty shop “OCHABA”

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