1. World’s first raw sweet potato Konjac smoothie speciality shop ‘Konjac+’

    Nakao Food, a konjac maker which was founded in 1927, has opened a raw sweet potato smoothie shop called "Konjac+" on th…

  2. Take-out specialty store of Pancake ‘BEAR’S SUGAR SHACK’

    As a take-out specialty store of "Pancake", “BEAR’…

  3. Best place for Nihonshu lover ‘Sumibi yakitori washokudokoro Sasuke’

    Sumibi yakitori washokudokoro Sasuke (炭火やきとり 和食処 沙…

  4. Shabu-Shabu specialty restaurant ‘Merino’

    Shabu-Shabu specialty restaurant “Merino (しゃぶしゃぶ専門…

  5. Izakaya with the atmosphere of Sengoku period ‘Ranse no Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden’

    Sengoku Buyuden (乱世の個室 戦国武勇伝) is a one only Japane…

  6. Indian Grill BBQ Restaurant ‘HATTI Shinjuku Branch’

  7. ‘Cafe La Boheme’, which is located on a great location with greenery

  8. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

  9. Spicy cuisine which you may become addictive – ‘Mouko tanmen Nakamoto’

  10. A new type of experience-oriented Italian restaurant ‘Taiyo no musume FAVETTA’

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