1. Restaurant, popular amongst the foreign tourists ‘Robot Restaurant’

    It is a restaurant where gigantic robots and acrobatic female dancers performs dynamic dances right in front of your eye…

  2. Terrace Cafe Bonjour, from where you can see powerful Godzilla head by nearby

    Bonjour (カフェテラス・ボンジュール) is Terrace cafe located on…

  3. A place where you can enjoy thrill experiences while eating! – ‘The Lockup Restaurant’

    The Lockup Restaurant is a prison themed restauran…

  4. Authentic Italian bar/restaurant with both standing and seated sections – ‘IL Bacaro’

    IL Bacaro (イル・バーカロ) is a bar / restaurant with bot…

  5. A new flavor appears in the cheesecake drinks of ‘CheeseTable’

    "CheeseTable", a cheese cuisine specialty restaura…

  6. A Tiger pattern tapioca shop with Brown sugar and milk has Opened Now- ‘TIGER SUGAR’

  7. A well-known long-established dango shop in Shinjuku ‘Oiwakedango’

  8. ‘Cafe La Boheme’, which is located on a great location with greenery

  9. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

  10. Bar with abundant of meat menu – ‘Niku Bistro WAIGAYA’

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