Event Information

  1. Event of light full of photo spot “Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination” 2018 – 2019

    ~This year photospot has been appears in the town where the colorful flowers of illumination will bloom.~ Shinjuku T…

  2. Hanazono Shrine Tori no Ichi 2018

    An annual event "Tori no Ichi" will be held on Han…

  3. A place where you can see the best starry sky while being in Shinjuku – ‘Planetarium (Shinjuku Cosmic Center)’

    Last Saturday, I went to the planetarium with edit…


    It is a beach paved with 15 tons of white sand on …

  5. A place where you can buy fresh vegetable and agricultural products ‘JA Tokyo Agri Park’

    On April 18, 2017, "JA Tokyo Agri Park" which sell…

  6. (Finished) Shinjuku Dance Festival 2018

  7. (Finished) GYOEN NIGHT ART WALK

  8. (Finished) Dai Tsukemen Haku 2018

  9. (Finished) Shinjuku Chuo Park Beer Garden “Evening Bar!!!” 2018

  10. (Finished) Experience-based dessert buffet “Alice in Halloween Trick”

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