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Things You Need to Know About Izakaya

Izakaya is a Japanese style pub, open for business in the evening. It is also a popular spot for friends or coworkers to meet up for a drinking party or to wind down after work. Typical izakaya dishes include chicken karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), yakitori, edamame, grilled fish, french fries, sashimi, sushi, nabe (Japanese hotpot), salads and much more.

In an Izakaya you have to pay Otoshi-dai(お通し代), which is also called tsukidashi (突き出し) in Kansai, West Japan. Otoshi is a small appetizer served compulsory in Izakaya. It is often served as soon as you sit down at a table or arrives with your first alcoholic drink. When you have a seat in izakaya, you must pay a few hundred yen. So, don’t get afraid if your bill has been included with otoshi-dai.

For Izakaya information around Shinjuku, visit this page HERE


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