1. Taiwan Sweets Cafe called ‘Taiwan Sweets Cafe Tian’ has opened in front of Shinjuku station for the first time in Kanto region!

    Taiwan Sweets Cafe “Taiwan Tian” has been open from 24th Aug 2018 with the concept of “One bite to heal your heart, Taiw…

  2. Recommended cafe for Cat Lovers “Calico Cat Café”

    Calico Cat Café (猫カフェ きゃりこ) is a café that became …

  3. A fantasy restaurant “Alice in Magical Land”

    "Alice in Magical Land (魔法の国のアリス)" is a fantasy re…

  4. Cafe where you can enjoy set meal with plenty of vegetables “Cafe & Meal Muji” Shinjuku Branch

    Café & Meal MUJI is located in the basement of Pic…

  5. You can fall asleep while reading a book! Accommodation Bookshop “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” Shinjuku Branch

    "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" is a hostel targeting foreign…

  6. Restaurant recommended for set menu, where BBQ can also be done on weekends “FORST 6”

  7. Dinning with Modern Asian concept “GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese”

  8. A long-established cafe where cat employees will welcome you “CAFE ARLES”

  9. A most selected shop where you can buy cakes, made by popular a Pastry chef “Takashimaya Patisserie”

  10. A hidden healing spot in Yoyogi “Cafe Lumba Lumba”