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A place where you can enjoy real spy experience ‘inSPYre Shinjuku’

Staff Experience Report

Hello! I am Fukuda, a Japanese editor in-charge of YOKOSO Shinjuku.
Do you know that there is a Spy experience place in Kabukicho, in Shinjuku?

“inSPYre (インスパイヤ)” is Japan’s first spy experience attraction. In order to prevent the evil of the villainous organization BLACK-MAX who wants to dominate the world, we will become an international intelligence agency called inSPYre and aim to clear mission.
The attraction that looks fun even if you just listen to it. I thought that I shouldn’t miss this chance, so I went to a spy experience immediately!

It was located in 6th floor of Humax Pavilion, Kabukicho, Shinjuku. Here is the hideout of BLACK-MAX.

When I exit from the elevator, a reception with a perfect atmosphere appeared. Here we will do the more before proceeding further. Since it is a membership system, we have to issue ID card (which costs 100 yen), only for the first time and then should pay the play fee (which costs 980yen for 1 play). When the payment is done, you will get a numbered ticket.
There is a waiting room on the left side of the reception desk. You have to wait here until the order comes up.




Explanation tool of attraction

The gas mask is displayed in a row on the wall of waiting room. I instantly took a picture.
In the table, there is an explanation tool about the attraction. You can check the story before the things start.

When the ticket number will be called, you have to go back to reception. There you will receive an information terminal and armband. After receiving all stuff, a waited spy experience starts!

The first are to pass through is the mission room. The private room of the Iron Grill that straddles rows looks like a prison. The air is cool and cold, and the tension increases!

When entering the same mission room as the alphabet on my armband, I scan the ID card and then perform face authentication. After reading the commentary on the monitor, the gate is opened ahead.(As the gate goes up, the exhilaration will also increase!)

Now we entered to the hideout of BLACK-MAX!


Private room of iron bar


Mission Room

The base is an image of a waste warehouse. It is built in real detail, a world of masterpiece.
According to the instructions, sent to the hand-over terminal, we aim to clear the mission. Many places include solving puzzles and searching for items. But the time is limited to only 10 minutes!
The inside of the base is wider than I imagined. There are several rooms like rest space and locker room. It is also a point to have features in each room.


In Base



By the way the locker looks like this.
In some rooms, you cannot enter unless you get the code.

Enter the code and when you open the door……

A laser trap!! I wanted to do this once.

You have to bend the body for not to hit the laser. Quite difficult. My inner muscle gets tired.


Entering code


Laser Trap

Monitoring room with multiple monitors.
Everywhere is design to a real specification, completely in spy mode. But here it quickly timed out. I wanted to clear it! I absolutely want to clear next time!!


There is a cafe in the back of the waiting room so you can also have meal after finishing game. Here you can enjoy curry or pasta menu and can also have alcohol. Moreover, inSPYre is open until 5 o’clock in the morning.
A real spy experience that you can enjoy alone or even with friends. Those who want to release their stress please try this extraordinary experience of a life time.


Facility Name inSPYre (インスパイヤ)
Address 6F, 1-20-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku
TEL 03-5155-1481
Business Hour 11:00-29:00
Access 5min walk from “Shinjuku Station”
3min walk from “Seibu Shinjuku Station”

NOTE: Facilities information such as price, opening hours, closing time or additional details may be subject to change, so please be sure to check the latest information directly at the official site.

Access Map


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