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  1. Cheese Cuisine Specialty Restaurant – ‘CheeseTable Shinjuku’

    A cheese cuisine specialty restaurant “CheeseTable” where you can taste as well as watch its preparation!At this res…

  2. A cafe which imaged the Sanrio’s popular character, ‘Cinnamoroll Cafe’

    Cinnamoroll Cafe (シナモロール カフェ) is a café which imag…

  3. (finished)Limited Edition! ‘Tapioca Pancake’ of Hawaiian cafe, which has been evolved from drink

    Hawaiian cafe "hole hole cafe & diner", which has …

  4. (finished) A limited good value dinner plan for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. – ‘Southern Tower Dining’

    At “South Tower Dining” on the 20th floor of the O…

  5. Authentic Korean food with delicious samgyeopsal – Kintatsurai Shinokubo

    "Kintatsurai" is an authentic Korean restaurant in…

  6. A place where you can enjoy healthy lamb – Lamb Yakiniku speciality shop ‘Lamb ne’

  7. Indian, Nepalese home-made cuisine ‘SANSAR’

  8. A hidden healing spot in Yoyogi – ‘Cafe Lumba Lumba’

  9. Thai Cuisine ‘Bangkok Stall KHAOSAN’

  10. Dinning with Modern Asian concept ‘GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese’

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