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  1. Let’s enjoy healthy new American cuisine in fashionable space – Tavern on S

    Hello, It’s Matsuo. Recently I have become hooked on a restaurant called “Tavern on S” and visit with my friends for a l…

  2. Reasonable Nepalese cuisine restaurant – ‘Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar’

    Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar (ヒムツリ カレー&居酒屋BAR) is …

  3. Recommended Thai cuisine on Shinjuku Sanchome – ‘KRUNG TEP’

    Compared to Vietnam or Cambodia, Thai food is quit…

  4. A popular Taiwan and Taipei restaurant – ‘DIN TAI FUNG’

    DIN TAI FUNG (鼎泰豐) is a popular Taiwan and Taipei …

  5. Dinning with Modern Asian concept ‘GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese’

    "GINGER GRASS modern Thai Vietnamese", is a dining…

  6. A place where you can enjoy Domestic beef meat at a reasonable price – ‘Yakiniku Like’ Shinjuku West exit Shop

  7. A new flavor appears in the cheesecake drinks of ‘CheeseTable’

  8. Cheese Cuisine Specialty Restaurant – ‘CheeseTable Shinjuku’

  9. A cafe which imaged the Sanrio’s popular character, ‘Cinnamoroll Cafe’

  10. (finished)Limited Edition! ‘Tapioca Pancake’ of Hawaiian cafe, which has been evolved from drink

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  1. shinjyuku sabnad
  2. Smoking-Friendly Dining Venues
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