1. Cheese sweets specialty shop ‘Now in Cheese’ has opened in Lumine Shinjuku!

    A cheese sweets specialty shop "Now on Cheese", which is specialized for souvenir or take-out option has opened on the f…

  2. Lots of cute accessories for girls! ‘100 yen shop Seria’ Shinjuku Marui Annex store

    Seria is a 100 yen shop which collects the items t…

  3. Antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture ‘Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE’

    It is an antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture locat…

  4. A place where you can buy fresh vegetable and agricultural products ‘JA Tokyo Agri Park’

    On April 18, 2017, "JA Tokyo Agri Park" which sell…

  5. Let’s walk Shinjuku wearing Kimono and Yukata ‘Rental Kimono VASARA’ Shinjuku branch

    "VASARA" is a rental shop for Kimono (Japanese dre…

  6. A shop that conveys charm of Japan ‘Beams Japan’

  7. A sweet shop which represents Shinjuku ‘Hanazono Manjyu’


  9. A speciality shop of Japanese green tea “Cha no Ikedaya”

  10. Takashimaya

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