GourmetJapanese Cuisine

  1. Authentic Japanese restaurant where local cuisine of Miyazaki prefecture can be enjoyed “Quwanne”

    There is an antenna shop of Miyazaki prefecture called “Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE” in Shinjuku Southern terrace. On th…

  2. Antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture “Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE”

    It is an antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture locat…

  3. A free refill of rice! If you want to eat rice cooked on a big ‘Kamado’ then this restaurant is recommended for you!!

    Daikamadomeshi Torafuku (大かまど飯 寅福) is a Japanese s…

  4. Okonomiyaki “Kyo-Chabana” Shinjuku

    Okonomiyaki "Kyo-Chabana" Shinjuku (お好み焼き 京ちゃばな 新宿…

  5. Nekozen

    Nekozen (飲食笑商何屋ねこ膳 ) is a 'Teishoku (set meal)' an…

  6. Yakichi

  7. Japanese style organic restaurant “Sunroom”

  8. A place where you can enjoy nostalgic Japanese sweets, snacks “Shinjuku Dagashiya Bar”

  9. Enjoy cuisine with authentic soup stock “Dashi Shabu Abanzai Okaka Shinjuku”

  10. Japanese Dining & Bar FUGA