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The city that never sleeps ‘Kabukicho’

Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) is a place that was named “The city that never sleeps”. It is one of the best entertainment streets that even bright in the midnight with neon.

In the past, this area used to have many restaurants for men and had a scary image for a woman to walk alone in the street at evening.
Then, Okubo area is developed and it starts to be seen the figure of women going to shopping and lunch in Okubo through Kabukicho.

“Shinjuku Koma Theater”, which was a symbol of Kabukicho has dismantled and in that place “Shinjuku Toho Building” with a movie theater, restaurants and hotel were opened, which completely renewed the image from a chaotic atmosphere to a bright city. After that, visiting of families and female groups are increased and it has also become a tourist spot for foreign tourist.

Official Site: http://www.kabukicho.or.jp/


Kabukicho in the daytime


Alley of Kabukicho

Access Map


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