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  1. Japanese Language School around Shinjuku Ward

    List of Japanese Language School around Shinjuku ward🔴 OLJ Language Academy2-18-18 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, …

  2. How to use Chopsticks in Japan!!

    Do you know how to use Chopsticks!? Chopsticks a…

  3. How to Pray at a Japanese Shinto Shrine

    The process of purification before a shrine happen…

  4. A Japanese Shinto Shrine

    In Japanese Shinto means a “place of the gods” or …

  5. Let’s Learn about Japanese Food and Drink

    Japanese foods foreign tourists must try!Japan…

  6. Things You Need to Know About Izakaya

  7. Area where Islamic shops gather in the vicinity of Shin-Okubo Station – ‘Islamic Yokocho’

  8. Get transportation, gourmet and sightseeing information at ‘Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal’.

  9. Tokyo Sightseeing Information : ‘Travelers favorite picks! Day trip to Hot Spring & Spa Ranking 2018’

  10. Central Honshu Information Plaza

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Apartment Search Guide Book Difference between general rentals, furnished apartments and monthly apartments A Japanese Shinto Shrine Eight Must-visit Tourist Spot in Shinjuku, Tokyo What You Need To Know Before You Go To The Doctor In Japan Here are some information about the public toilet around Shinjuku station.


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