Useful Information

  1. Public wireless LAN service “Shinjuku FREE Wi-Fi”

    In Shinjuku Ward, with the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games in 2020, Shinjuku city governmen…

  2. Emergency Telephone Number in Japan

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  3. Currency Exchange Spot in Shinjuku Area

    Today, we would like to introduce you some informa…


    Serving as your 'trusted adviser', Tokyo Star Bank…

  5. How to use Chopsticks in Japan!!

    Do you know how to use Chopsticks!? Chopsticks…

  6. Free photo spot for SNS ➡ Shinjuku East Exit Edition

  7. The location of Coin Locker in Shinjuku is here!

  8. One coin bus! “Shinjuku WE BUS”

  9. Let’s learn about “Washoku (Japanese Cuisine)”

  10. Shinjuku Official Movie