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Half and half set menu allow you to choose two kinds of dipping sauce, which is popular at the Tsukemen speciality resturant ‘Momonosuke’.

Tsukemen specialty restaurant ‘Momonosuke’, take pride in using very selective ingredients and highly advocate highly their range of soups.

Tsukemen (Dipping noddles) are similar to ramen but the noodles and broth are placed in separate bowls which you can dip into and eat like soba. You can order a thick noodle, flavored with wheat that can be selected from an ordinary to super large size (500g) for free of charge. From the regular menu you can find fish pork bonito “nokou tsukemen (tsukemen with rich flavour)” with dipping sauces such as squid ink, vinegar, miso, etc are available.

Half and half set menu allow you to choose two kinds of dipping sauce, which is popular.

Sanma (a Japanese fish), is type of fish rich in DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and is used for soup stock and ingredients and noodles that are blended with walnut, which is also rich in vitamin E.
For the side dish of Tempura, there is ‘Ginkgo biloba which has a high nutritional value’, ‘Maitake mushroom rich in dietary fiber’ and a large variety of other choices. It is a body-friendly tsukemen considering the balance between the taste and nutrition during autumn.

‘Classic Tsukemen’ will cost you 800 yen and ‘Ajitama Tsukemen’ costs 900 yen.
Special Tsukemen will cost you 1050 yen which comes with one special braised pork Char-siu, one low temperature Char-siu and one seasoned Egg.


Restaurant Name Momonosuke (百の輔)
Address Fine’s bldg. 1F, 1-2-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3348-1027
Business Hour Weekday 11:00 – 21:00 / Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
Closed Sunday
Access 1min from Marunouchi Line “Shinjuku Gyoen-mae Station” No.2 exit (187m)

NOTE: Shops information such as price, cuisine contents, opening hours, closing time or additional details may be subject to change, so please be sure to check the latest information directly at the shop.

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