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  1. Authentic Chinese cuisine recommended by Chinese staff – ‘Tenshinhanten Shinjuku Branch’

    Hello, It’s me Kyou (Chinese editorial staff).Today I will introduce a Chinese cuisine restaurant “Tenshinhanten (天津飯店…

  2. A place where you can enjoy Goto Islands taste while being in Shinjuku – ‘Gotojin Nishi-Shinjuku branch’

    There is a chain of 140 islands, located within th…

  3. A place where you can enjoy Domestic beef meat at a reasonable price – ‘Yakiniku Like’ Shinjuku West exit Shop

    We visited 'Yakiniku Like' which was opened on 29t…

  4. Maple syrup-based waffle shop called ‘MAPLE DINER by The MAPLE MANIA’ has opened in Mylord Mosaic dori.

    Maple syrup-based waffle shop called 'MAPLE DINER …

  5. Let’s enjoy your Tea time in a place surrounded by Torii of Meiji Shrine and greenery – ‘Cafe Mori No Terrace’

    Cafe Mori No Terrace is a wooden cafe located in f…

  6. Take-out specialty Taiwanese Tea stand ‘happylemon’ has opened in Shinjuku!

  7. A place where you can enjoy healthy raw foods and raw sweets – ‘Tahitian Noni Cafe’

  8. Indian Grill BBQ Restaurant ‘HATTI Shinjuku Branch’

  9. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

  10. Spicy cuisine which you may become addictive – ‘Mouko tanmen Nakamoto’

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