Gourmet2. West Area Gourmet

  1. A fantasy restaurant “Alice in Magical Land”

    "Alice in Magical Land (魔法の国のアリス)" is a fantasy restaurant spreading the world of Alice 's picture book.Here you can e…

  2. Popular amongst women and young people!! Rich in taste Tonkatsu Ramen “Tatsunoya”

    Popular ramen (noodle) restaurant such as Ramen Ji…

  3. Hilton Tokyo “Than japonizumu – flower macaron”

    A story-oriented dessert fair is being held in Hil…

  4. Recommended bar for woman who want to drink alone “Bar Suminoe Mitsuba”

    'Suminoe Mitsuba (バル墨繪3坪)' is a small shop with on…

  5. Thai Cuisine “Bangkok Stall KHAOSAN”

    Hello! It's me Matsuo!Today I would like to intr…

  6. Spicy cuisine which you may become addictive “Mouko tanmen Nakamoto”

  7. A place where you can work, drink and enjoy all in the same space “Glade Park”

  8. Bar & Lounge ZATTA

  9. Authentic Chinese cuisine recommended by Chinese “Tenshinhanten Shinjuku Branch”

  10. Authentic Izakaya where people picky about the taste can also satisfy “Kanae”