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If you want to eat a delicious authentic Lamb Jingisukan in Araki-cho, here is the recommended restaurant for you – ‘Akamaru Jingisukan’.

Reservation required! Let’s enjoy carefully selected Lamb meat with Jingisukan (grilled mutton dish) in a modern restaurant. Today I would like to introduce to you a restaurant called ‘Akamaru Zingis’, which serves delicious and healthy food together with vegetables directly delivered from Hokkaido.

Araki-cho, a town that left the atmosphere of the Showa 30’s (1955’s). It is located only 5 minutes by train from Shinjuku.
Towards the middle of Showa Era, it developed as a flower town. Even today, there are many nostalgic restaurants and bars standing side by side. In the one corner of such Arkai-cho, there is a restaurant called ‘Akamaru Zinjis’ which provides lamb cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is very stylish. It has concrete wall of driving range with dark lighting and wood stove. This restaurant is recommended for everyday use to dating also.


You can see a sign of ‘Alamaru Zingis’ on the concrete wall.


A lot of liquor bottles are line-up on the shelves.

When I was suffering in order, a friendly member of staff said, “I will bring you just the right amount of recommended item, what do you think?”. And I answered okay but bring one by one.

First, it start from appetizer. The first item is “Lamb Seared & Smoke”. Seared lamb was moist and sweet, and the unique flavour of lean meat fills your mouth with every bite. Smoked lamb was homemade and it seems to be made using cheery chips. After that I tried the hot lamb dumplings. It is a dish that perfectly compliments the lamb and condiments.


Lamb Seared & Smoke costs 1,880 yen


Nepalese style Lamb Dumpling costs 680 yen

In drinks menu, there are a wide variety of wine and whiskies. There are also Heartland’s beer which costs you 650 yen.

At the time when you are about to finish eating, they bring the shichirin (a small charcoal grill). Then they bring recommended highly selected meat. The staff will explain politely from baking methods to a recommended way of eating stuffed foods with their selection of condiments.

Grilled green onions and salt with raw lamb costs 1,280 yen. The combination of raw lamb and green onion was excellent. It is the flagship product of this restaurant. If you fold and bake one side for a minute and a half and then the other side for another 1 minute, it will be well prepared and the perfect time to eat.


Grilled green onions and salt with raw lamb


Just fold and bake!

When I was thinking about having some vegetables with my food, they brought ‘Lambgyeopsal’ not Samgyeopsal, which is Lamb meat marinated in orange sauce served in Samgyeopsal style with Gochujang (red chili paste) and vegetables.


Healthy Lambgyeopsal with plenty of vegetables costs 1,380 yen


Bincho-tan (white charcoal) of the shichirin was used from the kiln inside the store.

To finish off we ordered ‘Jingiskan’. This time it came with spare ribs. Meat was spread in the center and there were vegetable surrounding it. It was so delicious and was one of the most satisfying item of food that I had. For sauce, there was a special apple sauce to compliment the meal.


Jingiskan with spare ribs (spare ribs costs 840 yen and Jingiskan costs from 1,390 yen per person)


At the end of meal, it is a pleasing point to have Jasmine tea service.

If you want to eat Lamb meat in Arai-cho, please visit this restaurant. Of course the taste is also satisfying and the service from the members of staff is pleasant and attentive.

(Yokoso Shinjuku Writer Madoka Komado)


Restaurant Name Akamaru Zinjis (赤丸ヂンギス)
Address Ando Bldg. 1F, 7 Araki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5919-3435
Business Hour 18:00 – 23:30 (L.O. 22:45)
Closed Sunday & Monday
Access 3min walk from “Yotsuya Sanchome Station”
3min walk from “Akebonobashi Station”

Access Map


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