1. Limited Edition! ‘Tapioca Pancake’ of Hawaiian cafe, which has been evolved from drink

    Hawaiian cafe "hole hole cafe & diner", which has stores in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza, starts selling "Tapioca Pancake…

  2. Japan’s first Japanese Tea Milk Tea specialty shop “OCHABA”

    A specialty store for Japanese tea milk tea "OCHAB…

  3. A confectionery shop which represents Shinjuku has collaborated with Ginza Sembikiya and power-up as “Hanzono Manjyu CAFE&SHOP”.

    Hanazono Manjyu is a long-established sweet shop w…

  4. THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG Lumine Shinjuku

    THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG, originated from Taiwan and …

  5. ‘TP TEA’, a tea stand expand by Chun shui tang which is the origin of Taiwan Tapioca Milk Tea

    The tea-stand TP TEA, which was established in 200…

  6. Maple syrup-based waffle shop called ‘MAPLE DINER by The MAPLE MANIA’ has opened in Mylord Mosaic dori.

  7. Let’s enjoy your Tea time in a place surrounded by Torii of Meiji Shrine and greenery – ‘Cafe Mori No Terrace’

  8. Take-out specialty Taiwanese Tea stand ‘happylemon’ has opened in Shinjuku!

  9. A place where you can enjoy healthy raw foods and raw sweets – ‘Tahitian Noni Cafe’

  10. ‘A Happy Pancake’ has been open in Shinjuku! The long-awaited ‘Raw Tapioca Drink’ is Now on sale.

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