1. Taiwan Sweets Cafe will open in front of Shinjuku station for the first time in Kanto region! “Taiwan Sweets Cafe Tian”

    Taiwan Sweets Cafe “Taiwan Tian” is going to open on 24th Aug 2018 with the concept of “One bite to heal your heart, Tai…

  2. Hilton Tokyo “Than japonizumu – flower macaron”

    A story-oriented dessert fair is being held in Hil…

  3. Antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture “Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE”

    It is an antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture locat…

  4. “UMAMI Soft Cream” made with Guernsey Milk and soup stock extracted from kombu

    Soft Cream containing three kinds of Kombu soup st…

  5. A most selected where you can buy cakes, made by popular a Pastry chef “Takashimaya Patisserie”

    "Patisserie (パティシェリア)" is located on the ground fl…

  6. Great location with greenery “Cafe La Bohéme”

  7. A sweet shop which represents Shinjuku “Hanazono Manjyu”

  8. Indian Cuisine Thali-ya Shinjuku-South branch


  10. Cafe Comme ca