1. World’s first raw sweet potato Konjac smoothie speciality shop ‘Konjac+’

    Nakao Food, a konjac maker which was founded in 1927, has opened a raw sweet potato smoothie shop called "Konjac+" on th…

  2. Take-out specialty store of Pancake ‘BEAR’S SUGAR SHACK’

    As a take-out specialty store of "Pancake", “BEAR’…

  3. ‘Cafe La Boheme’, which is located on a great location with greenery

    Stylish Italian interior which makes you forget cr…

  4. Antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture ‘Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE’

    It is an antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture locat…

  5. A place where you can enjoy nostalgic Japanese sweets, snacks – ‘Shinjuku Dagashiya Bar’

    Shinjuku Dagashiya Bar (新宿駄菓子バー) is a bar where yo…

  6. Taiwan Sweets Cafe called ‘Taiwan Sweets Cafe Tian’ has opened in front of Shinjuku station for the first time in Kanto region!

  7. ‘UMAMI Soft Cream’ made with Guernsey Milk and soup stock extracted from kombu

  8. (Finished) Hilton Tokyo “Than japonizumu – flower macaron”

  9. A most selected shop where you can buy cakes, made by a popular Pastry chef ‘Takashimaya Patisserie’

  10. A sweet shop which represents Shinjuku ‘Hanazono Manjyu’

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