Shinjuku Area


Shinjuku is constantly thriving and changing with the times.

The town of Shinjuku is constantly changing with the times.

The western-exit of the Station area is lined up with Tokyo Metropolitan Office and many of the cities skyscraper buildings, Tokyo’s tallest building, which serve as a symbol of central Tokyo.

There is “Kabukicho”, renowned as the best entertainment districts and department stores, Golden Gai or town (Kabukicho) where you can find Tokyo’s smallest drinking dens and nostalgic tiny bars and and eateries in the tight alleyways of “Omoide Yokocho”, found closest from the west-side of Shinjuku station.

From the south-side of the station there are many new developments to come adding to further exciting things to come around this place!

People are increasingly coming to this area as the number of foreign tourists visit before the coming of the 2020 Olympics in Japan.
There is no shortage of things to do; you will defiantly enjoy your time here in Shinjuku.


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