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(Finished) Hanazono Shrine Tori no Ichi 2019

An annual event “Tori no Ichi” will be held this year too, at Hanazono Shrine.
There will be 60-odd stalls selling decorative kumade rakes, said to bring good fortune for business, plus other vendors hawking food and other festival knickknacks. Don’t forget to visit and enjoy the tradition festival of Japan.

Schedule of Hanazono Shrine Tori no Ichi 2019
Ichi no Tori: Pre-festival Nov. 7th, Main Festival Nov. 8
Ni no Toti: Pre-festival Nov. 19, Main Festival Nov. 20

Time: Pre-Festival start from around 16:00 to 2 a.m., Main Festival starts from around mid-night to 2 a.m.


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