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Shinjuku Power Spot “Hanazono Shrine”

Since ancient times, Hanazono shrine (花園神社) is enshrined as the guardian god of the town of Shinjuku. The way of counting God is called “Hashira” and there are three kinds of hashira in Hanazono Shrine.
Uganomitama no kami (the god of foodstuffs), Yamato Takeru no Mikoto (which means Prince Yamato Takeru) and Ukemochi no kami (a god appearing in Japanese Mythology).

In additional to the Hanazono Shrine, there are another two shrine, Itokuinari Shrine and Geinou (Entertainment) Asama Shrine in the same ground.

Itokuinari Shrine is located on the right side, entered from Otorii. This Shrine is for happy married life and having children.
And another one, Geinou Asama Shrine is in the center of the site. Since Edo period, this shrine has attracted the faith of people involved in the entertainment industry including actors, singers and other theater stars.

It is also known that entertainment by various theater companies is regularly held on the premises and also carries a part of the culture of Shinjuku’s town. In May, a grand festival and in November “Tori no Ichi” is held every year.


Itokuinari Shrine

Geinou Asama Shrine

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