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Event of light with full of photo spot “Shinjuku Terrace City Illumination” 2018 – 2019

~This year photospot has appeared in the town where the colorful flowers of illumination will bloom.~

Shinjuku Terrace City is the collective name used for the shopping facilities around the Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line. This “town” covers Shinjuku west exit Odakyu HALC all the way to Shinjuku Southern Terrace.

The illumination happening this year will be held at Shinjuku Terrace City and will be its13th time held here, the concept of the occation is to ‘Be Connected’!. Trees surround the terrace area decorated with pretty lights and photo spots areas with flower motifs.

Lighting period / time
From Nov.14,2018 to Feb.14,2019
17:00-24:00 (on December only 16:30-24:00)
※ Flags Nov.2,2018-Feb.14,2019
※ Odakyu Ace・Shinjuku west wxit HALC From Nov.14,2018 to Dec.25
※ Shinjuku Southern Terrace square From Dec.1 to Jan.15,2019
※In additional to the above, it may differ on the period and facility, and it may turned off without prior notice due to inspection etc.

For more about event information visit Shinjuku Terrace City Website.
※Event special page is scheduled to be opened on Tuesday, November 13

Terrace City MAP


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