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7 Best Bubble Tea shops in Shinjuku Area

Bubble Tea, which is also known as tapioca tea or pearl milk tea, is a popular Taiwanese drink which has been a constantly popular beverage throughout the world.
Nowadays, it has also become very popular in Japan, that many new shops has been opening continuously.
Among them, Today we would like to introduce you 6 best and delicious tapioca drink shops in Shinjuku!


1. Taiwan Sweets Cafe Tian

2. Take-out specialty Taiwanese Tea stand ‘happylemon’

3. The tea-stand ‘TP TEA’

4. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

5. A Happy Pancake Shinjuku


7. ALFRED TEA ROOM Lumine EST Shinjuku

1. Taiwan Sweets Cafe Tian (台湾甜商店)

Taiwan Sweets Cafe “Taiwan Tian” has been open from 24th Aug 2018 with the concept of “One bite to heal your heart, Taiwan Time”. It is the best in Japan for the abundance of Taiwanese sweets and drinks menu. You can taste raw fresh tapioca! Read more

Taiwan Manzoku Smoothie

Taiwan Manzoku Smoothie

2. Take-out specialty Taiwanese Tea stand ‘happylemon’

Take out specialty Taiwanese tea stand ‘happlemon’ which has already more than 900 stores, has now open its first store in Tokyo on November 29. In addition to tea drinks popular in each country, this shop also offer total 26 varieties including “Matcha Series”, “Sijichun Tea Series” for Japan only. Read more


From Left: Salty Cheese Cocoa, Tapioca Marcha Milk, Tapioca Milk Tea, Salthy Cheese Sijichun Tea and Lemon Tea

3. The tea-stand ‘TP TEA’

The tea-stand TP TEA, which was established in 2005 by Chunsui-Dou, famous as the birthplace of Taiwan tapioca milk tea. It is located in the Ekinaka of NeWoman Shinjuku. There are more than 50 kinds of tea drinks with carefully selected high-quality tea leaves and tapioca. You can also find Japan Limited drinks and summer products. Read more


TP TEA(ティーピーティー)

4. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

Taiwan Tea specialty shop “Gongcha (ゴンチャ)” is a Taiwan Tea Cafe, which opened in 2006 in Taiwan and now already has multiplied into 1,500 stores over 19 different countries. The first branch of this shop first opened in Omotesando, Harajuku in 2015 and it now has 6 further branches within Tokyo.The secret of its popularity is can be found in the choices that customers can make like when customizing the sweetness of their drinks, how much ice they want to add and also providing a range of choices on toppings from over 5 flavours such as pearl (tapioca) and much more! Read more


Black Milk Tea + Pearl (tapioca) M Size: 490 yen
Oolong Milk Tea + Aloe M Size: 490 yen

5. A Happy Pancake Shinjuku (幸せのパンケーキ)

Since the opening of the Omotesando branch in November 2015, a popular shop ‘A Happy Pancake’ has open in Shinjuku as a seventh store in Tokyo!
Here you can enjoy the ‘Raw Tapioca Drink’, which is the original menu of this shop.
Earl Gray Milk 540 yen, Matcha Latte 580 yen, Hojicha Latte 580 yen, Passion Fruit Soda 500 yen, Framboise Soda 500 yen. Take out option is also available. Read more

Authentic Taiwanese Tapioca

Authentic Taiwanese Tapioca

6. THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG Lumine Shinjuku (鹿角巷 ルミネ新宿店

THE ALLEY LUJIAOXIANG, originated from Taiwan and is the most popular tea stand in Japan. It is located on the food floor of Lumine 1. This shop serves special tapioca prepared at shops everyday and is finished up with homemade syrup. The combination of milk tea and black tea with tapioca is outstanding! Read more


“BONSAI” Garden Tapioca Milk Tea M size 600 yen

7. ALFRED TEA ROOM Lumine EST Shinjuku

“ALFRED TEA ROOM” was originally founded in LA, which was so popular that celebrities also visited. It opened its new branch in Lumine EST Shinjuku on 31st October 2017. The interior of this cafe is decorated with impressive millennial pink colour. Here you can enjoy abundance of drink menus which use the tea leaves selected from all over the world, by one of the best tea masters in Japan ‘Mr. Takashi’. Read more


Boba Strawberry Milk Tea 600 yen

(YOKOSO Shinjuku Editor Department)


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