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(Finished) Hilton Tokyo “Than japonizumu – flower macaron”

A story-oriented dessert fair is being held in Hilton Tokyo “marble lounge” from 2015.
Until now this fair have been fascinated by women with story-oriented decorations such as “Invitation from Alice”, “Marriage of Marie Antoinette”, “Strawberry psychedelic 60s” and much more.

This summer, “Marble Lounge” recommended you a princess sweets such as cake using seasonal fruit, cool glass sweets, pastel color macaron and so on.

You can spend a time to soak itself in vogue word of girl student of the Taisho era, the world of “totetama” (very unbearable) with pretty dessert in pop by executive pastry chef Osamu Harita (haritaosamu).

☆Special Offer☆
・You will get a present of a glass rose sparkling wine, if you visit wearing ‘Kimono’ or ‘Yukata’.
・If you use as a birthday party, they will give you a glass rose sparkling wine as a present.

Period: From Friday, June 1, 2018 to Sunday, September 30 From 14:30 to 17:30
Venue: Hilton Tokyo 1F “marble lounge”
Rate: 3,900 yen per person (child 2,500 yen) / Sat,Sun,Public Hol. 4,050 yen per person (child 2,600 yen)
It comes with Coffee or Black Tea (Hot or Cold)
*Consumption tax excluded, Separate service charge


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