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A Showa Period popular song bar – ‘Shinjuku Youngman’

“Shinjuku Youngman (新宿ヤングマン)” is a Showa Period popular song bar which I (Matsuo) had visited on several occasions. It is a unique bar that bring a sense of nostalgia to both men and women of the bubble generation who will experience and enjoy watching their old-fashioned popular songs around during the 70s and 90s via a screen projector.


The system of this bar is an all-you-can-drink course for a period of 1 hour, which will cost 2000 yen for men and 1500 yen for women. There is also a special 3 hours set which costs 4300 yen for men and 3300 yen for women.

The interior is divided into a counter and a table seat which looks like a snack bar. ‘Seiko’, ‘Pink Lady’, ‘Candies’ and many other nostalgic record/disc jackets are affixed on the wall of the bar.

Furthermore, the big projector in the centre of the bar follows with images in tune with the songs of famous and well known idols of that time. The nostalgic Showa atmosphere will raise your spirits and enjoyment. The sweets they give you like “Otoshi” is also very nostalgic!


Here you can enjoy more than 10,000 old classic videos and songs. You can also make a request for your own favourite songs to be played. When the time reaches around 8 o’clock in the evening most of the tables and seats filled up. It is just like a karaoke bar where all customers come together and are singing a in group!

Of course, I also sang loudly and danced♪ It was a really great feeling..

Please be careful not to forget the time and extend the time while drinking, singing and enjoying. This bar is recommended for those people who like old and popular songs but not good for karaoke!

(Written by: Yokoso Shinjuku editorial department “Mami Matsuo”)


Restaurant Name Shinjuku Youngman (新宿ヤングマン)
Address 2F Otani Bldg., 3-9-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6457-7040
Business Hour Mon.-Sat. 19:00-28:00
Sun./Public hol. 18:00-25:00
Closed None
Access 3min walk from “Shinjuku Sanchome Station”

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Access Map


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