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(Finished) Let’s enjoy Shinjuku with YUKATA “Isetan YUKATA Style 2018”

The theme of this event is “ゆかたで新宿 (YUKATA de Shinjuku)” which means Shinjuku with YUKATA (Japanese dress)

Golden town, Hanazono Shrine…
Three curators with a strong personality will suggest you a Yukata fashion shining in the streets of Shinjuku.
Dates: June 27, 2018 – July 3, 2018
Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main building 1F = The Stage

Available brand: Rumi Rock Trie, tutaee, Kisaburo and many other brand

Event “Charm to be idle with charm, yukata of Shinjuku” talk show
● June 30, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. (Free) ● Isetan Shinjuku Main building 1F = The Stage
Artist Vivien Sato having a profound knowledge of town of Shinjuku, actor Koshi Tamura, Photographer Anju who takes a visual of the event will tell you about various way of enjoying yukatas and town of Shinjuku including Golden street.

Vivien Sato
profile _ artist, writer, non-architect, doraagukuin, promotor / genre and analyze art, building, movie, city by original opinion. We have birch in Institute for VANTAN van tongue design. Found Aomori art and local town; adviser. Tail Ambassador Hikaru Dokan. SUNMUSIC tie-up talent.

message _Wearing yukata which oneself wants to wear. Act that it does not usually transform itself into oneself different and draws one side hiding in oneself in usual times, and to come back to oneself original. And we may recall scenery that but hid that it did not usually show if we flock in it in town. We thoroughly enjoy such a new, old magic!

Koshi Tamura
profile _ actor /1977 age Tokyo birth. “Fatal kiss,” there is much work of historical drama including guest leading role and stage “inner palace – Chapter 1 …” of “Ooka 2, Echizen” including “rental saviors”, too. Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi produces “festival 2017 of the men’s liver” or this event “Isetan YUKATA Style 2018” in Tokyo while we participate in events about tradition in Kyoto as the actor third generation.

message _ “charm of yukata” “idle charm in yukata.” Shinjuku Imperial garden, electronics quarter, Omoide Yokocho, Kabukicho, two orders eyes, Hanazono-jinja Shrine, Suehiro bower and Golden town. It may not be seen in others that there are such many colors in one town. If place that got used to going is visited with yukata, scenery changes. Is yukata in this summer; to Shinjuku.

profile _ photographer / Tokyo birth. We are scouted, and it is visited France as model by Givenchy. We turn into photographer after the achievement as international model including Paris this. Other than advertisement, magazine serialization, writing and lecture, judge, we play an active part from visual plan to picture supervision widely. We start the collected studies of boys and girls series and Photo exhibition “Beautiful tomorrow” to be on July 11, 2018.

message _ Entertainment district where there is culture of the Showa era on the back of business district-like in modern times. There is Shinjuku, Isetan in one and indivisible interesting place where we hid the sun and charm of month in. Therefore we made story that Vivien and Tamura changed model very much and provoked in “deep Shinjuku”. Let’s leave your yukata look in instagenic Shinjuku in this summer!

Related URL: https://isetan.mistore.jp.e.az.hp.transer.com/store/shinjuku/event/yukata/special2.html


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