1. Furnished Mansion ‘Ryusen Hatsudai Type-B 201’

    ◆It is located on 6 min walk to Hatsudai station.◆One stop away from Shinjuku station. Each room comes with convenient…

  2. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Kanda Nibankan Type C 303’

    ◆It is located only 3 min. walk distance from JR K…

  3. Furnished Mansion ‘Skycourt Omori 6 Type A 502’

    ◆Skycourt Omori is located 6 min walk to JR Omori …

  4. Furnished Apartment ‘Sky-Court Yotsuya Type C 403’

    ◆It is positioned 5 min walk from JR Yotsuya stati…

  5. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Kanda Nibankan Type D 504’

    ◆It is located only 3 min walk from JR Kanda stati…

  6. Difference between general rentals, furnished apartments and monthly apartments

  7. Furnished Apartment ‘NEST Type 2-A’

  8. What You Need To Know Before You Go To The Doctor In Japan

  9. skycourt-yotsuya-bedroom

    Furnished Apartment ‘Sky-Court Yotsuya 1001’

  10. High grade rental with fine-grained service – ‘TSI Shinjuku Tower Mansion’

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