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How to Separate and Dispose of Recyclable Resources / Garbage

Garbage separation is the main problem that a foreigner struggles with who has just arrived and has started living in Japan for the first time.

The way for taking out the garbage differs depending on the type of neighbourhood in which you live (city, ward, town or village).
There is a day and time period for when the garbage is to be collected, so before you move in, ask the real estate agent, the neighbours, or the local government office about these set days and times.

Let’s study how to separate and dispose recyclable resources / garbage!

☆ Recyclable resources

Recyclable resources are the following: recyclable paper, plastic containers and packaging materials, bottles, cans, plastic bottles, spray cans, cassette gay cylinders and batteries.

The method for throwing Recyclable resources

・Dispose of recyclable resources in a transparent plastic bag.
・Rinse the bottles, cans, plastic bottles lightly with water.
・Make sure that spray cans and cassette gas cylinders are empty before disposal.
・Bind recyclable paper together with string according to each type.

☆ Combustible garbage

Combustible garbage is a plastic items except for plastic containers and packaging materials.

The method for throwing Combustible garbage

・Drain to remove excess water before disposal.
・Soak cooking oil into paper or cloth, or harden using a coagulant.
・Small amounts of branches from garden plants should be cut into lengths of 50 cm or less.
・Remove soiling off clothes, disposable diapers, etc. before disposal.
・Feminine care products, blended clothes, cotton clothes, cigarette butts, etc. are made of composite materials but it is considered as combustible waste.

☆ Metal, Ceramic, Glass

Metal, ceramic, glass, small home appliances, etc.

The method for throwing Metal, Ceramic, Glass

・Wrap broken glass, ceramics, sharp-edged tools and so forth in thick paper and mark “キケン” (DANGEROUS).
・Put the fluorescent light tubes / light bulbs to their cardboard cases before dispose.
・Make sure lighters are empty and place them in a separate bag marked “ライター” (LIGHTERS).
・Dispose of these items all together in a container with a lid or a transparent plastic bag.

☆ Large-Sized waste (paid)

You must make a reservation with the Large-Sized Waste Reception Center for collection of household furniture, bedding, bicycles, and other waste that is more than 30 cm long on one side. (Collection may not be possible if the size or weight exceeds a certain limit)

Large-Sized Waste Reception Center
☎ 03-5296-7000 (Mon. to Sat. from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Or via Internet (24 hr) http://sodai.tokyokankyo.or.jp/

*Recyclable resources and waste should be disposed of at the recyclable and waste collection point by 8 a.m. on the designated day.


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