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Tokyo Sightseeing Information : ‘Travelers favorite picks! Day trip to Hot Spring & Spa Ranking 2018’

Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel site where you can search and explore lodging and gourmet information has announced their “Travelers favorite picks! Day trip to Hot Spring & Spa Ranking 2018” based on Trip Advisor reviews during the past year.

“Hoheikyo Onsen (Hokkaido)” which was ranked second last year gained 1st place this year! Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Ehime, Yamanashi have also appeared in Top 20 ranking list for the first time!

You can clearly notice how the day trips to these hot springs is rapidly increasing.

As a highlight of this year, Dogo Onsen, which is said to be Japan’s oldest onsen, has 2 facilities which have both ranked in the top 20. ‘Dogo Onsen Bekkan Asuka no Yu’ which was just opened in December 2017 was ranked 7th place and ‘Dogo Onsen Honkan’ was ranked 15th place.

The Asakusa public baths ‘Jakotsuyu’ ranked in 20th place is a quite impressive. The baths here offer unique hot spring facilities such as sand baths, carbonated springs.

Top 20 ‘Travelers favorite picks! Day trip to Hot Spring & Spa Ranking 2018’
*「初」refers new entry of this year.

Ranking 2018 Ranking 2017 Facility Name

No. 1
2nd Hoheikyo Onsen (Hokkaido)
2nd 14th Lamune Onsen Kan (Oita)
3rd 「初」 Tenzan no Yu (Kyoto)
4th 18th Kurama Onsen (Kyoto)
5th 1st Healthy Land Tamatebako Onsen (Kagoshima)
ヘルシーランド たまて箱温泉/鹿児島県指宿市
6th 13th Busshozan Onsen Tempyoyu (Kagawa)
仏生山温泉 天平湯/香川県高松市
7th 「初」 Dogo Onsen Bekkan Asuka no Yu (Ehime)
道後温泉別館 飛鳥の湯泉/愛媛県松山市
8th Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro (Tokyo)
前野原温泉 さやの湯処/東京都板橋区
9th 8th Odaiba Tokyo Oedo-Onsen Monogatari (Tokyo)
東京お台場 大江戸温泉物語/東京都江東区
10th Sai no Kawara Rotenburo (Gunma)
11th 「初」 Ryujin no Yu (Okinawa)
12th 「初」 Fuji Chobo-no-yu Yura (Yamanashi)
富士眺望の湯 ゆらり/山梨県鳴沢村
13th 10th Tenzan Tohji-kyo (Kanagawa)
14th Saraku (Kagoshima)
15th Dogo Onsen Honkan (Ehime)
16th Yachigashira Onsen (Hokkaido)
17th Miharashi no Yu (Tokyo)
18th Enoshima Island Spa (Kanagawa)
19th Takegawara Onsen (Oita)
20th 「初」 Jakotsuyu (Tokyo)


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