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Experience Report: THE SECRET AGENT – Destroy the Ultimate Weapon –

Hello! It’s me, Lee. This time I will introduce you to a report of Real Stealth Game “THE SECRET AGENT – Destroy the Ultimate Weapon –”, experienced by our three staff! In this game, you have to infiltrate an enemy’s base as a spy agent and destroy the Ultimate Weapon within the time limit given.

First of all, you have to finish the reception process on the 3rd floor of the building.

At the reception, I was told that
“the game we are going to play now has to move quite quickly, so skirts and heels are too dangerous”.😧

But I didn’t know that before and came with a skirt and a heels!! “What do I do now???”TTTT😭

I felt relieved when I heard that the game venue rents out pants and crocs for free of charge. Women wearing skirts or heels don’t have to worry now!

After changing into comfortable wear, we put all our baggage in the coin lockers and then check the explanation video of the game while doing a light warming-up.
Let’s see the video and understand the mission of the game.


Game guide video playing on the screen!

After a few minutes, our team order was given and once again we received an explanation in the space by the entrance. After that, we receive a reinforced vest and a tablet unit, “THIEF”. We all wear a reinforced vest and since I was chosen as a leader, I held the tablet. Now the game gets started!

I checked the tablet as described.

When we entered, it was like a warehouse facility with dim light and cardboards here and there in a large wide space.
We were confused and looking about inside, then suddenly

“Dare da! (Who is it!) Dare ka iru! (Who is there?)”

A voice of an enemy guard with a rifle in hand, echoes through the base!

Scary!! My heart started to beat faster!

While scaring at the guards voice, we ran from our location, here to there. Our laugh does not stop because of fright and excitement! 😝
We hide in the shadows behind a pillar made of cardboard, hold our breath and wait for the guard to pass.

The limited time of this game is 30 minutes, but we still don’t know where to start! 😅
We were worried whether we can clear this mission or not.


Hiding behind the cardboard! Guard is very scary!! 😱


Let’s remember whether there is something in the hint!


Take a chance and get over it!


We can’t touch that red line! Scary!!

We were confused and looking for the hints, we saw several people who are doing the same mission. Then, we follow them and discovered the first door!
But the door was locked and we wouldn’t open it.

I can’t write much about the contents of the mission because it spoils the game, but somehow we managed to clear the first mission by finding the information hidden within the enemy base and found the code to unlock the next room.

After that, we cleared the mission one by one and not to get caught by guards. Although we extended the time we still managed to clear all of the mission.

Yahoooo!! The first challenge was a big success! 🤣

If you are interested in puzzle solving games or a thrilling game such as becoming a spy, please give this game a challenge at least once!


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