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A new type of experience-oriented Italian restaurant ‘Taiyo no musume FAVETTA’

“Taiyo no musume FAVETTA (太陽の娘 ファヴェッタ)” is a new type of experience-oriented Italian restaurant that represent Italian fairy tales “The daughter of the sun” with space performance using leading edge technology such as projection mapping.


Projection mapping everywhere!

“FAVETTA” which is the name of this restaurant, means “Soybean” in Italian language. That’s why there are abundant cuisine in menu that use soybean such as appetizer, ajillo, pasta and sweets.
Experienced chefs will impress you with their skills.


You can enjoy a hot pizza baked in the kiln inside the restaurant.

Recommended menu are ‘Cocktail salad of soybean and small shrimps costs 880 yen’, ‘Pizza Margherita costs 1,380 yen’, (Flame) Roast of Lobster (one shrimp) 1,980 yen and many more.

Flame luxury special pizza may become popular for Instagram shot.


“FAVETTA” Magical sun pizza (2,980 yen)


Restaurant Name Taiyo no musume ‘FAVETTA’ (ファヴェッタ)
Address Dai1 Metro Bldg. 1F, 1-23-14 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6233-7710
Businee Hour Mon. – Thur./Sun./Public Hol. 16:00-24:00
Fri./Sat./day before public hol. 16:00-28:00
*Sat./Sun./Public Hol. 12:00-16:00 Lunch available
Closed None
Access 4min walk from “Shinjuku Station” east exit

Access Map


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