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  1. Let’s enjoy at the roof garden after shopping! Isetan roof – ‘I-Garden’

    There is a spacious lawn on the roof of Isetan, and there are plenty of greenery of all four seasons! There are stages f…

  2. WILD BEACH「happy yellow beach」- The beach will spreads on the rooftop of Shinjuku!

    It is a beach paved with 15 tons of white sand on …

  3. Recommended cafe for Cat Lovers – ‘Calico Cat Cafe’

    Calico Cat Cafe (猫カフェ きゃりこ) is a cafe that became …

  4. Urban Oasis ‘Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden’

    The city's oasis "Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)" is a popu…

  5. Petite Tea experience with Matcha and Japanese confectionery – ‘Shinjuku Gyoen Tea Room’

    Staff Experience ReportHello Everyone! My name…

  6. The view from the 45th floor is the best! FREE Entry! ‘Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observation Deck’

  7. ‘100 yen shop Seria’ Shinjuku Marui Annex store, where you can find lots of cute accessories for girls!

  8. The rooftop garden of Marui Main Building ‘Q-COURT’ with an English style garden

  9. A well-kown long-established dango shop in Shinjuku ‘Oiwakedango’

  10. Tokyo Shinjuku Natural Hot Spring ‘Thermae-Yu’

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