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  1. Furnished Apartment ‘City Gyoen Building B #402’

    ◆Great access! 1 min walk to Subway "Shinjuku-Gyoenmae" station.◆2 min to Shinjuku, 7 min to Shibuya, 9 min to Ikebukur…

  2. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Kagurazaka Nibankan #602’

    ◆ 5 min walk to Kagurazaka station.◆Located in t…

  3. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Kanda Nibankan Type A, F’

    ◆It is located only 3 min walk from JR Kanda stati…

  4. Furnished Apartment ‘NEST Type 2-A’

    ◆5 min walk to Ikejiri-Ohashi station◆Just one s…

  5. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Yoyogi Type A, B, C’

    ◆6 min walk to Yoyogi station, 5 min walk to Minam…

  6. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Toritsudaigaku 3 Type-A’

  7. Furnished Mansion ‘Mast Life Meguro Minami Type A, B, C, G’

  8. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Vida Gotanda WEST Type B

  9. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky Court Shinagawa Sendaizaka #804’

  10. Furnished Mansion ‘Sky-Court Hatsudai Type-B 802’

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