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Experience Report: VR ZONE SHINJUKU “Niagara Drop”

Hello! I am Lee, the Chinese editor in-charge of YOKOSO Shinjuku♪

Today I would like to introduce you to the experience of “Niagara Drop”, which is the most scariest experience I have ever had in my life!

Experience of fear! Niagara Drop

“Niagara Drop” is a gigantic slide, which was installed behind the food corner of VR ZONE.
It is an activity where you have to jump straight down into the pit of a waterfall (projection mapping) from a height of 7 meter.

The area of this activity has a projection with the mapping of waterfall, red flame and other visual effects to make for a dynamic wild life adventure.

There is also rock climbing activity right next to it, which creates the feeling of being outdoors while being inside the building.

“Niagara Drop” is not a VR activity but creates a similar experience where you are able to experience the feeling and fear of falling into different environments from the height of 7 meters.

Before visiting this place, I saw the promotion video of this activity on the official website and it seemed to be very fun, so I was desperately thinking to give a try at least once and now I was here, I actually came for it!😁


Ready to go!

“Niagara Drop” has a height of approximately 7 meters above ground level.

When seeing from the bottom, I was told that “It doesn’t look so high! It is not scarey at all!”, 😎

but after 10 minutes……… 😳⚡

Considering the safety of the player, you must change into the overall suit and wear a helmet with gloves, before starting the activity.

After finishing all the preparation, I got up made my way towards the gigantic slide and lied down at the start of the slide, resting on my back. To reach the top of the slide, you have to catch the handle (hanging bar) without any safety belt or anything. Isn’t that scary??

The handle slowly takes you up and up!


Start! Slowly go up & up…!

Finally, with the help of hanging bar I got to the top of the slide but at the last moment, my hand starts hurting because of my own body weight.

I wanted to release it as soon as possible but, I cannot see the bottom of the slide and started thinking “How far will it fall??”

Out of fear, I cannot release my hand from the handle.

「Scary…..! Scary…..!😱 😱 😱 」

I can hear the voice from my interview team, shouting “Let’s go for it, release your hand!” but, I was so afraid that I could not bear to release my hands.

I started screaming!!!
No way!!! It is just impossible!!! (crying)


It is just impossible!!!

It felt like I was about todo a bungee jump without having a safety belt or harness.

I didn’t have the courage to release my hand and eventually, I shouted out that

“I will GIVE UP! GIVE UP!!😭”

The staff got me little lower, but I just blanked out of fear. 🗿

It’s so embarrassing, but I was only just able to release my hand from the height of about 3 meters and fall into the pool full of balls. It was the most relief and happiest moment. ☺

Pool full of balls

It makes me surprised that you will experience the fear of bungy jumping at a height of only 7 meters.

All of the staff gave me a warm applause, but I wasn’t satisfied with my performance. I will definitely visit again and succeed at this activity next time for sure!

Why don’t you also visit and try it once? It will take some courage but I am sure it will be very rewarding once completed.

For interview report of VR ZONE Shinjuku ☞ Interview Report

(Written By: Lee)


Address 1-29-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3200-8076 ※Reception time 9:30-18:00
Business Hour 10:00-22:00 (Final Entry 21:00)

※Activity Final Admission 21:30
(Some activities may close early, depending on the number of people waiting in line.)
※Food Last Order: 21:00/Drink Last Order: 21:45
(Take out will be sold until 22:00.)
Closed None
URL https://vrzone-pic.com

NOTE: Facilities information such as price, opening hours, closing time or additional details may be subject to change, so please be sure to check the latest information directly at the official site.

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