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Public wireless LAN service ‘Shinjuku FREE Wi-Fi’

In Shinjuku Ward, with the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games in 2020, Shinjuku city government began offering a public wireless LAN service “Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi” that can be used in public space around the city from April 1, 2016.

Symbols mark of Wi-Fi Spot


Features of this service

・ You can use it as many times a day, up to 60 minutes per session.
・ All it requires is first time user registration (e-mail, the name, sex, age) and an agreement to Terms of Use.
・ The service is currently available in 10 outdoor spots.
For an available area, please check the application for these spots.

How to use Shinjuku Free Wifi

[1] Go to Wi-Fi spot.
[2] Tap “Settings” on a smartphone or other.
[3] Turn on the Wi-Fi and select “Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi” from the network list.
[4] Start up the web browser and open the connection information screen.
※ Only the first time. An automatic connection will be created after the second time of use.

In additional, there is also a App named “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” which can be used to lookout for the Free Wi-Fi spots.

Features of Free Application include:


・ Search nearby Wi-Fi spot
・ Connect to Free Wi-Fi
・ Wi-Fi data is Free
・ Use registration is only required once
・ Available in 13 languages

Source: Shinjuku Ward Homepage 


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