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The view from the 45th floor is the best! FREE Entry! ‘Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observation Deck’

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (都庁)” moved from Marunouchi to the present place in 1991. There are 2 main buildings, Main building No.1, 48 stories & Main Building No.2, 34 stories and the Assembly Building with the appearance of a post-modernist style, covered with stone cut granite.

The observation room is on the 45th floor of the Main Building No.1, which is divided into the South Observation deck and the North Observation deck. Since it is free of charge, those who have time must go and visit both decks.


Let’s first go to the South Office Observatory.

South Observation Deck

tocho1It was an unrealistic scene! The Scenery is like a set of dioramas and special effects with the absence of a Godzilla, which is seemly unnatural for Tokyo.

If it is a sunny cloudless day you may feel faint and dazzled by the vivid sky and impressive city scape.

I was able to spot a swimming pool within the tight urban gaps. Since it is surrounded by trees, it was not easily noticeable, but there is nothing that cannot be seen from way up here in the tower.

The shadows of clouds are falling in the streets of Shinjuku.


There is a souvenir shop in the south observation deck, where you can buy many goods.

In the south observation deck, there is a cafe called “Tokyo Cafe 202”. Since it is located in the center, you can only see a view of nearby buildings that are in the vicinity of the towers immediate surroundings. If you want to enjoy a meal or drink while enjoying the local scenery, cafe “Good View Tokyo” on North Observation deck is recommended.


North Observation Deck


Next we will go to the North Observation Deck

The other side of the window offers a western-side view of the Tokyo, from this view point you will notice a dramatically different cityscape. It seems there are only a few high buildings on the west-side.

There are also some lovely smaller structures, some of a rounded shape, like this one in the picture, that can be spotted hidden in-between the taller buildings.

There is also a souvenir shop called “Museum Toy Park”. I thought they are specializing in toys originating from Japan only, but I also found Star Wars gacha gacha (capsule toys).


In additional to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, there were also original Purikura (photo booth) machines that you can take with a background picture of either Kanemon Gate or the Tokyo Tower. This will cost you 600 yen for once.

There is a cafe called “Good View Tokyo” in the North Observation deck, where you can enjoy a meal while admiring a beautiful view of Shinjuku City, as this name suggests.

The picture is of a night view overlooking Shinjuku.


It is also a popular spot for foreign tourists. Entry fee is free.

However, due to renovation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the South observation deck is scheduled to be closed from Saturday, September 1, 2018. The reopening date following the renovation is expected in spring of 2019. I am also looking forward to the new and powered up South Observation deck!

(Reporter/Writer: Hisamoto kana)


Address 2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Inquiry TEL 03-5321-1111
Business Hour 9:30-23:00 (The last entry is 30 min. before the closing time)
Entry Fee Free
Closed South Observation Deck 1st and 3rd Tuesday
North Observation Deck 2nd and 4th Monday
URL http://www.yokoso.metro.tokyo.jp/index.htm

NOTE: Facilities information such as price, opening hours, closing time or additonal details may be subject to change, so please be sure to check the latest information directly at the official site.

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