Today’s Editorial Staff Report

  1. Petite Tea experience with Matcha and Japanese confectionery – ‘Shinjuku Gyoen Tea Room’

    Staff Experience ReportHello Everyone! My name is Sunita Waiba and I am the incharge of English edition of this site…

  2. Report of ‘Yakiniku Like’ which has rumors on the town.

    Our editorial department staff visited newly open …

  3. A place where you can wear and experience the Samurai – ‘SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI’

    Hello ! I am Lee, in-charge of the Chinese edition…

  4. A place where you can experience the Samurai spirit – ‘SAMURAI MUSEUM’

    Staff Experience ReportHello Everyone! It’s me…

  5. A place where you can enjoy real spy experience ‘inSPYre Shinjuku’

    Staff Experience ReportHello! I am Fukuda, a J…

  6. Puzzle-Solving Experience! ‘Tokyo Mystery Circus’

  7. Antenna shop of Miyazaki Prefecture ‘Shinjuku Miyazaki kan KONNE’ has renewal opened on 28th April, 2018!

  8. Experience Report: THE SECRET AGENT – Destroy the Ultimate Weapon –

  9. Experience Report: Escape from The Prison

  10. Godzilla appeared in Shinjuku!! ‘Godzilla Store Tokyo’ Opening interview report

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