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  1. Cheese sweets specialty shop ‘Now in Cheese’ has opened in Lumine Shinjuku!

    A cheese sweets specialty shop "Now on Cheese", which is specialized for souvenir or take-out option has opened on the f…

  2. Lots of cute accessories for girls! ‘100 yen shop Seria’ Shinjuku Marui Annex store

    Seria is a 100 yen shop which collects the items t…

  3. Let’s walk Shinjuku wearing Kimono and Yukata ‘Rental Kimono VASARA’ Shinjuku branch

    "VASARA" is a rental shop for Kimono (Japanese dre…

  4. A shop that conveys charm of Japan ‘Beams Japan’

    BEAMS JAPAN is a retail shop where you can find a …

  5. A sweet shop which represents Shinjuku ‘Hanazono Manjyu’

    Hanazono Manjyu (東京新宿 花園万頭) is a long-established …


  7. Marui

  8. Isetan Shinjuku

  9. Shinjuku Lumine

  10. A print shop ‘Shoindo’

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