Editorial Staff’s recommended Gourmet!

  1. A well-known long-established dango shop in Shinjuku ‘Oiwakedango’

    Oiwakedango (追分だんご) is a dango (rice dumpling) shop, which was founded in 1945. It is a well-known long-established sho…

  2. ‘Cafe La Boheme’, which is located on a great location with greenery

    Stylish Italian interior which makes you forget cr…

  3. Taiwan Tea specialty shop ‘Gongcha’

    Taiwan Tea specialty shop "Gongcha (ゴンチャ)" is a Ta…

  4. Bar with abundant of meat menu – ‘Niku Bistro WAIGAYA’

    Niku Bistro WAIGAYA is a fashionable bar, which ha…

  5. Indian, Nepalese home-made cuisine ‘SANSAR’

    Sansar (サンサール) is a Nepalese restaurant located ne…

  6. A hidden healing spot in Yoyogi – ‘Cafe Lumba Lumba’

  7. Dinning with Modern Asian concept ‘GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese’

  8. Cheap and delicious Izakaya in Suehiro Dori – ‘Yakitori Sakagura Shosuke Main branch’

  9. Recommended cafe for Cat Lovers – ‘Calico Cat Cafe’

  10. Enjoy drink and dance with traditional Okinawan folk music live! – ‘Okinawa Cuisine Kariyushi’

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