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  1. Public wireless LAN service ‘Shinjuku FREE Wi-Fi’

    In Shinjuku Ward, with the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics Games in 2020, Shinjuku city governmen…

  2. Four recommended Stylish Beer Garden in Shinjuku!

    Summer comes when the rainy season is end. And it …

  3. Want to stay at 3000 yen range in Shinjuku!? – ‘8 unique and cheap Lodging Spots’

    Here we have picked up 8 unique and cheap lodging …

  4. 7 Best Bubble Tea shops in Shinjuku Area

    Bubble Tea, which is also known as tapioca tea or …

  5. Eight Must-visit Tourist Spot in Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Shinjuku, the world's No. 1 terminal station which…

  6. One coin bus! ‘Shinjuku WE BUS’

  7. 10 Currency Exchange Spot in Shinjuku Area

  8. Smoking Area around Shinjuku Station

  9. Eight best clean and beautiful toilets with powder room especially recommended for girls.

  10. 8 Free photo spot around Shinjuku for your SNS !

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