1. VR Zone @ Kabukicho, Shinjuku

    Our staff try the "Niagara Drop" at VR Zone but, because of the scariness, she gave-up at the middle of the activity!…

  2. (Finished) VR ZONE SHINJUKU spring performation

    Experience the near future cherry blossoms at Shin…

  3. The hot and spicy ramen will make your body hot in the cold winter season!😊

  4. Why don’t you also take a memorial photo at Isetan!! ( ´∀` )

    Venue: If you enter the main gate of Shinjuku Iset…

  5. We got the chance to take a picture with Japanese famous character “Godzilla”!😊😍

  6. -There is love on the island of Tokyo- Tokyo Ai Land Fair2017

  7. We become Red Pepper at Gekikara Gourmet Festival☺️✌️

  8. One & only Japan No.1 “Nakamoto MoukoTanmen”❗

  9. Trick Art in Odakyu Department Store☆彡

  10. Justin Bieber ☺😍

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