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  1. Let’s enjoy cuisine with authentic soup stock at ‘Dashi Shabu Abanzai Okaka Shinjuku’

    Dashi is a soup stock which is indispensable to Japanese food. Did you know that there is restaurant in Shinjuku whe…

  2. Soba restaurant near Shinjuku Gyoen – ‘Shinjuku Sobakura’

    Shinjuku Sobakura(新宿そば蔵)is a cheap and tasty izaka…

  3. Tsukesoba Kuromon

    Tsukesoba Kuromon (黒門) is located 3 minute walk fr…

Usefull Information

Here are some information about the public toilet around Shinjuku station. One coin bus! ‘Shinjuku WE BUS’ Currency Exchange Spot in Shinjuku Area How to use Chopsticks in Japan!! How to Separate and Dispose of Recyclable Resources / Garbage Difference between general rentals, furnished apartments and monthly apartments