GourmetSpecial Lunch less than 1000yen

  1. A Japanese pub where you can taste a delicious fish and vegetables “Karami Dokoro Syo”

    Karami Dokoro Syo (から味処 粧) is a Japanese pub located in Shinjuku 2-chome. Here you can taste a delicious fish and vegeta…

  2. Delicious okonomiyaki at the Shinjuku east exit for lunch “Shinjuku Kotegaeshi”

    Shinjuku Kotegaeshi (新宿こてがえし) is a restaurant deco…

  3. Vietnam Cuisine at Shinjuku 2-chome “Vietnaming”

    Vietnaming (ベトナミング) is a Vietnam restaurant locate…

  4. A place where you can enjoy various types of dried fish “Himo no Ya”

    Himo No Ya (ひもの屋) is located in-front of Shinjuku …

  5. Reasonable Nepali cuisine restaurant “Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar”

    Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar (ヒムツリ カレー&居酒屋BAR) is …

  6. Bar with abundant of meat menu “Niku Bistro WAIGAYA”

  7. Cafe where you can enjoy set meal with plenty of vegetables “Cafe & Meal Muji” Shinjuku Branch

  8. Soba at reasonable price near Shinjuku Gyoen “Shinjuku Sobakura”

  9. Restaurant recommended for set menu, where BBQ can also be done on weekends “FORST 6”

  10. Recommended Thai cuisine on Shinjuku Sanchome “KRUNG TEP”