1. Reasonable Nepali cuisine restaurant “Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar”

    Himchuli Curry & Izakaya Bar (ヒムツリ カレー&居酒屋BAR) is a newly opened Nepali Restaurant along Shinjuku Idai Dori. It is an Iz…

  2. Chief Editor favorite restaurant “Tavern on S”

    Hello, It’s Matsuo. Recently I have become hooked …

  3. NEW OPEN!! Dinning with Modern Asian concept “GINGER GRASS modern thai vietnamese”

    "GINGER GRASS modern thai Vietnamese(ジンジャーグラス モダン …

  4. Recommended bar for woman who want to drink alone “Bar Suminoe Mitsuba”

    'Suminoe Mitsuba (バル墨繪3坪)' is a small shop with on…

  5. Japanese Bar INOSHIKACHOU

    INOSHIKACHOU (猪鹿蝶) is a Japanese bar, located in t…

  6. A Showa Period popular song bar “Shinjuku Youngman”


  8. SCHMATZ Shinjuku 3-Chome

  9. A place where you can work, drink and enjoy all in the same space “Glade Park”

  10. Bar & Lounge ZATTA