Editorial staff Amusement Experience

  1. Hyper-Reality Entertainment EXPO “VR ZONE SHINJUKU”

    I cannot call it a game anymore! Outstanding Virtual Reality World."VR ZONE SHINJUKU" was opened in Kabukicho, Shinjuk…

  2. A place where you can wear and and experience the Samurai “SENGOKU PHOTO STUDIO SAMURAI”

    Hello ! I am Lee, in-charge of the Chinese edition…

  3. A place where you can experience the Samurai spirit “SAMURAI MUSEUM”

    Staff Experience ReportHello Everyone! It’s me…

  4. Restaurant popular amongst the foreign tourists “Robot Restaurant”

    It is a restaurant where gigantic robots and acrob…

  5. Lets enjoy Rakugo, the traditional Story-Telling of Japan! Suehiro-Tei

    Suehirotei is a theatre located in Suehiro dori, S…

  6. A place where you can enjoy real spy experience “inSPYre Shinjuku”

  7. Puzzle-Solving Experience! “Tokyo Mystery Circus”

  8. Petite Tea experience with Matcha and Japanese confectionery “Shinjuku Gyoen Tea Room”

  9. Experience Report: VR ZONE “Extreme Courage Test Machine Fear of Heights: The Show”

  10. VR ZONE SHINJUKU “Niagara Drop”