Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, tourist visitors coming to Japan are expected to increase further in the future. Shinjuku town has become an inbound market for such attraction.
In recent years, stores and facilities targeting foreigners have also increased.

Shinjuku is constantly growing in power and changing with the times. In Shinjuku, there are some of Tokyo’s number one business districts, shopping malls, amusement facilities and lodging facilities, which is further enriched by the availability of cheap to luxury hotel accommodations.
As one of the most popular sightseeing areas for the foreign tourists in Tokyo, Shinjuku is even today considered crowded with tourism.

For both Japanese and foreign tourists who will visit Shinjuku, we started up “YOKOSO SHINJUKU” to convey the charm of such Shinjuku and help them to have a good time.

Not only is our headquarters located in Shinjuku, all our staff also love Shinjuku town and constantly collect various information.
And since foreign staff familiar with a language, such as English, Chinese, Korean, Nepali, etc. are also enrolled, we have opened up this site to correspondence in these three languages.

We will mainly introduce restaurants and retail shops in cooperation with people from shops in Shinjuku Ward and send information
on Shinjuku such as events, sightseeing spot, amusement and much more.

For people visiting stores and restaurants, we also aim to improve the experience by supporting in-store menus, foreign language expressions,
foreign correspondence manuals, and so on.