GourmetRestaurant with Take-Out Ok

  1. Recommended bar for woman who want to drink alone “Bar Suminoe Mitsuba”

    'Suminoe Mitsuba (バル墨繪3坪)' is a small shop with only counter seats, which is in the corner of "Suminoe restaurant" and b…

  2. Thai Cuisine “Bangkok Stall KHAOSAN”

    Hello! It's me Matsuo!Today I would like to intr…

  3. Spicy cuisine which you may become addictive “Mouko tanmen Nakamoto”

    "Mouko tanmen Nakamoto" is a Ramen (noodle) restau…

  4. Recommended dinner set of “FORST 6”

    FORST6 is a terrace restaurant located along Shinj…

  5. Indian Cuisine Thali-ya Shinjuku-South branch

    Thali-ya (インド定食 タ―リ―屋) is an Indian restaurant loc…

  6. Karami Dokoro Syo

  7. Nepalese Restaurant “SANSAR” (サンサール)

  8. Shinjuku Kakekomi Gyoza Kabukicho Branch

  9. Dorayaki Specialty Shop “DOU” Lumine EST Shinjuku branch

  10. Take-out specialty store of Pancake “BEAR’S SUGAR SHACK”