Gourmet1. East Area Gourmet

  1. A place where you can enjoy thrill experience while eating! “The Lockup Restaurant”

    The Lockup Restaurant (監獄レストラン ザ・ロックアップ) is a prison themed restaurant located in Shinjuku. Here you can enjoy thrill ex…

  2. A stylish dining made with the concept of the near future space station “MYSTERIOUS Shinjuku”

    Mysterious Shinjuku (ミステリアス新宿) is a stylish dining…

  3. In addition to skewers, salad bar and dessert are also all-you-can-eat service “Kushiya-Monogatari”

    Kushiya-Monogatari (串家物語 新宿東宝ビル店) is a skewers res…

  4. Juicy dumplings with wonderful service♪ “Nikujiru Gyoza Saisakusho Danddan Sakaba”

    "Nikujiru Gyoza Saisakusho Dandadan Sakaba (肉汁餃子製作…

  5. Recommended cafe for Cat Lovers “Calico Cat Café”

    Calico Cat Café (猫カフェ きゃりこ) is a café that became …

  6. Cheap and delicious Izakaya in Suehiro Dori “Yakitori Sakagura Shosuke Main branch”

  7. Bar which has a long-established history “Donzoko”

  8. A popular restaurant which always got a long waiting line “Ichiran Ramen”

  9. A free refill of rice! If you want to eat rice cooked on a big ‘Kamado’ then this restaurant is recommended for you!!

  10. “Kanton no Omoide”, where yo can enjoy delicious ‘Cheese Dak Galbi’